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CV Man Makes a Career Booking Impersonators
The Oakland Tribune
by: Karen Holzmeister, September 3, 2007

Stan Heimowitz goes looking for celebrities every day, but not with an autograph book and camera cell phone.

Look like the King of Rock 'n' Roll? Make yourself up to resemble the Material Girl? Have costume, will travel as Humphrey Bogart or the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Heimowitz is at the ready, contract in hand and events ready to book in the Bay Area, state and nation.

"I've sent Clint Eastwood to Central Park (in New York City) to hand out Emerald Nuts on New Year's Eve," Heimowitz reminisced last week in his Palomares Hills living room.
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The Right Holiday Party
ABC News
by: Mary Campbell, Nov 14

Whether it's a question of taste, budget, philanthropy, or apathy, the trend — at least temporarily — is to shun splendor in favor of moderation at this year's office bash. Stan Heimowitz, who owns Celebrity Gems Entertainment in Castro Valley, Calif., told the East Bay Business Times that many customers had already called off their holiday parties — bad news for Heimowitz and his cast of musicians, magicians, mimes and jugglers.

East Bay employers Mervyn's and St. Rose Hospital, on the other hand, plan to party hearty. Heimowitz, who is supplying a steel-drum band, balloon-sculpture artists and face painters for the Mervyn's event, told the Business Times that Mervyn's "made the right decision … It's still important to have fun... and to enjoy ourselves."
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You Better Watch Out
The Wall Street Journal
by: Amy Merrick, Dec. 16, 2006

Stan Heimowitz, whose California booking company Celebrity Gems sent Mr. Richards to the party, says he sent seven Bad Santas to holiday bashes last year, up from four of them five years ago. He expects more bookings this year. While customers can have a traditional Santa drop by for $175, the mischievous versions -- he calls them "fractured Santas" -- cost $600 for a half hour, because the roles require more improvisation.

Publicity Stunts Still Earn Attention
by: Marcia Yudkin

Stan Heimowitz, owner of Celebrity Gems in Castro Valley, California, last year successfully dramatized in the streets of San Francisco the fact that IntraLinux, a small software company -- Heimowitz's client -- was challenging Microsoft, the industry giant.

Outside the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where Microsoft was launching its latest operating system, a Bill Gates look-alike was matched against a Penguin (IntraLinux's mascot) in a boxing ring whose four corners were held up by Penguinettes. The Penguin pinned Gates, naturally, while a plane towing a banner that read "IntraLinux" flew overhead.
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Get Yourself a Wacky Little Christmas Performer

The Oakland Tribune
by: Angela Hill, December 13, 2004

You may think that you shall never see, a thing so wacky as a tap-dancing Christmas tree. But you'd be wrong.

Because that's only the tip of the seasonal schtick, the wacky wonderful world of Bay Area holiday acts that bless us, every one, at this festive time of year.

For starters, there isn't just one, not just two -- nay, not even a mere three -- but 28, count'em, 28 Tap-Dancing Christmas Trees! It's a virtual forest of...
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Firm Sends in the Clowns

The Oakland Tribune
by: Janis Mara, August 21, 2004

CASTRO VALLEY - I F YOU'D LIKE to invite Marilyn Monroe or Elvis to your party -- or maybe a stilt walker or a string quartet -- Castro Valley's Celebrity Gems probably can help you.

The venerable (but definitely not stodgy) 17-year-old company supplies celebrity impersonators, comedians, musicians and all manner of entertainment for company grand openings, product launch events and private parties.

The 2,000 independent contractors on the company's list include a Marilyn Monroe Santa who sings "Santa Baby," a Fairy Princess Godmother and a troupe that performs "The Nutcracker Suite" on stilts.
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Company parties shine a little brighter this year

The San Francisco Chronicle
By: Pia Sarker, December 13, 2003

Stan Heimowitz, founder of Celebrity Gems, which books entertainment for corporate events and private parties in the Bay Area, sees the same end-of-the- year scramble as Bertolozzi.
"A lot of companies waited till the last minute," said Heimowitz, who normally books his holiday events by October but this year noticed a lot of companies calling as little as a week before a party.
"I think people are waiting to see if the economy is turning around so they can justify having a party," he said.
The dot-com boom used to bring Heimowitz requests for big bands and cheerleaders from the San Francisco 49ers football team. Now the requests he gets are more along the lines of four strolling flugelhorn players.
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FRINGE BENEFITS: Performers delight in life on the edge

The San Francisco Chronicle
By: Jesse Hamlin, December 9, 2001

Nothing makes Stan Heimowitz happier than seeing one of his magicians or balloon sculptors go over big with a crowd.
"I feel a sense of elation," says Heimowitz, whose Celebrity Gems agency in Castro Valley books everything from crooners and clowns to Elton John imitators and roller-blading accordionists.
Heimowitz loves being likened to Broadway Danny Rose, the small-time booking agent who Woody Allen played in the 1984 film. Danny promotes his acts with unflagging enthusiasm, whether it's the one-armed juggler or the woman who makes music with water glasses, "the Jascha Heifetz of the instrument."
"I'm in the entertainment business, I have to be a showman," says Heimowitz,
60, a former social worker who has always been crazy for showbiz. "I book goofy stuff like a guy who tap dances and does origami, but not all my stuff is strange and offbeat."
He might book a big-name comic like Robert Klein for a doctors' dinner or balloon twister Mike Ianneo ("I consider him the top balloon artist in Northern California") for a birthday party. His clients have included Chevron and the Hells Angels. He booked a mariachi band for the bikers, who were perfect gents and paid in cash.
"It's a crazy business," says Heimowitz. He's no Mike Ovitz, he says, but "I'm getting a piece of the action. The biggies are booking the real Barbra Streisand, the real Tina Turner. I'm doing the phony ones, but it's fun. I love it."
The economy has dampened business, but Heimowitz has a few choice Christmas gigs, like a party at the Fairmont next week featuring Austin Powers, Liza, Tina and Elton. The fake ones.
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